Lunchbox Rachel is an indie rock artist based out of Nashville, Tennessee. A diverse performer, Lunchbox Rachel transforms the traditional sounds of indie music into glitz meets grime; gritty, groovy, rock and roll. Rachel embodies this revolutionary new sound through both her music and lyrics. 


From the suburbs of Chicago, Rachel’s life as a musician began early. Her performing career launched when she was asked to perform the National Anthem at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the ESPN Brickyard 250 race.


Throughout her collegiate career, she worked as an event coordinator for Firefly Music Festival and began drawing musical influences from groups like Mumford and Sons and Florence and the Machine. Following graduation, Rachel’s work led her to learning about the amazing people and exciting musical culture in Nashville, where she permanently relocated in 2018.


Inspired by the level of competition in Nashville, Lunchbox Rachel provides emotional relief and expression by creating genre-bending misfit anthems that meld mercurial indie and blues-rock. With angsty, bon mot-heavy lyrics that dive straight into the weird, she doesn't shy away from touchy subjects.

Whether you’re looking to dance, drink, or party into the night, Lunchbox Rachel is exactly what you need...a good time.