8 Self-Improvement Books for People with Creative Careers

Updated: May 11, 2020

As summer swings into full gear, it's a perfect time to pick up some new books to improve upon our creative habits.

As innovative creators, the one thing we never have enough of is time or focus. So...why read books that make us fall asleep and forget what why we even started reading?

I selected these books from my library because they are written for creative spirits who are on-the-go; short and to-the-point. Read below to see which book relates to you!!


Atomic Habits by James Clear - Perfect for those self-diagnosed with information overload, perfectionism, and/or procrastination.

  • Did you ever think the type of mattress you use may directly affect your life-long goals? Yeah, me neither. This book brings awareness to every little decision we make and explains how those atomic-sized decisions steer our success.

  • Stop setting the bar so darn high, not even medium for that matter. When you set your bar super low, you can easily accomplish your goals, and you're much more likely to achieve them! These little wins will get you re-energized, which results in good habits that last a lifetime.


Stay Hungry by Sabastian Maniscalco - For the creative soul who has been feeling a little lost, fatigued, or flat-out unmotivated.

  • Are you ever at the super market and see someone is shopping 20ft away, but has left their cart right in the middle of the aisle where everyone needs to go?! If this drives you crazy, you're an observational person and you'll find this book enlightening. It helped me remember that all those little aggravating moments on the road to success are what makes it all worthwhile.

  • Building a career that's strong enough to last decades is going to take you a lot longer than going viral and getting temporarily famous.


Shut Your Monkey by Danny Gregory - For the sensitive heart with a loud conscience.

  • At the root of most problems, is doubt and uncertainty. Learn to shut off the negative talk and anxiety that are pinning you down.

  • Get rid of guilt. It really is a useless emotion.


You're a Badass by Jen Sincero - A modern success story for the aspiring entrepreneur.

  • The verbiage of this book is super motivational. It's like having a tough-love conversation with mom to get your butt back in gear!

  • I highly recommend Jen's books for those who have knowledge of "The Law of Attraction."


You're a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero - A good read for those afraid to invest $$$ in their own career.

  • Until reading this book, I was completely paralyzed at the idea of spending my own, hard-earned money on tools I needed to improve my career. Jen teaches readers how to balance financial risk-taking with phenomenal ROI.


Outside the Jukebox by Scott Bradlee - For the artistic soul struggling to get social media traction in the vital-viral era.

  • This book examines the art of going viral and what little effort it can take if you be yourself.

  • Sometimes, your strangest interests or personal quirks become the foundational niche to launch your creative career.


It's All In Your Head by Russ - A really quick read to check if you're half-a**ing your craft.

  • Doing the hard work never fails. It's the only way to be long-term successful.

  • Falling in love with working and streamlining your operations allows builds endurance.

  • Fixating on your follower count and dismissing the quality of your work will result in disaster.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F**k by Mark Manson - For someone striving to have both a fulfilling career and personal life.

  • Practicing mindfulness will cease the constant negativity brought on by social media.

  • Getting REALLY clear about what is and isn't important to you is the best first step.

That's all from me! Start reading and share your favorite take-aways in the comments.

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